• Parag Negi
  • 14-Jul-2019


Its always manadate for people to file their tax returns if their gross total income is before allowing w deductions under section 80C to 80 U exceeds rs 250000 in financial year. The last date of filling the annual income return ITR for 219 financial year.  The limit is rs. 300000 for senior citizens, more than 60 year old but less than 80 yaers old and rs 500000 for super senior citizens.
For filling tax returns offline or even online as well you should have these handy documents
1. FORM 16
Form  16 is one of the most important documents for salaried persons. There is a certificate issued by the employer under the section 203 to validate the fact that TDS has been deducted and deposited ith the authorities on behalf of the employees.
The salaried taxpayers are also required to submit their salary slip to provide information on alloance such as house rent and transport allowence.
Interest certificates are issued by banks to provide information related to sho the total amount of interest earned from savings bank account, post office savings account, fixed deposits and recurring deposits.
4.FORM 16A, FORM 16B, FORM 16 C
If the TDS is deducted on any income, besides the salary, over specified limit under the income tax la, then bank will issue a form 16A form to provide details of the amount of TDS deducted.
On the otehr hand if you have sold a property, the buyer ill issue  a form 16B to show the TDS deducted on the amount paid to you.If you are landlord and earning income  from rent the tenent ill provide you form 16C to show the TDS deducted on the rent recieved.

5. FORM 26A
It is basically a consolidadted tax statements that carries information of all the taxes deducted againts your PAN card. It carries the TDS deducted by the employer, banks, advance taxes, self assessment taxes and taxes deducted by any other organisations for the payment made to you.
Providing aadhar details is mandatory under section 139AA of the act, if you do not have one and have applied for it, then you will have to provide the enrolment id while filling the returns.
The home loan statement will help to provide breakup details of principal and interest repayment. Interest repaid on the home loan can lower your tax laibilty by 2 lakh under section 24