• Parag Negi
  • 22-Jun-2019


Its become a priority for consumers that they are demanding reduction of tax burden from goverment and increment of income as few days are left for the annoucement of Union budget 2019. Many surveys are done with clearly shows that this has been the most important thing for consumers and ad common people of the country. Many people said that they are facing fiancial stress as their income has been shrunked while there were many people who stated that the benefit of GST has not been passed to consumers.
There are few concerns of consumers related to Union Budget of 2019 are-
Many people highlighted that  the earning of consumer are under stress due to low-income level and high pricing of goods and services. Recent survey of ''mood of the consumer''  done by Local circles on june 19 indicated that 73% of the households that took part in the survey said that they are feeling  squeezed when it comes to balancing their earning and spending.
This percentage stood up at 60% in september in 2018. Any tax related relief provided by goverment which could help the consumers and change their current situation and make them better said by Sachin taparia. However it is unlikely that goverment would announce any change in income tax.What they could do is ghey can grant more provisions for tax deduction under certain existing sections of the Income Tax Act.
JOB CREATION- Unemployment in india has touched a four decade high as many people has urged the goverment on twitter and other social media paltform to take job creation very seriously. Now it would be interesting to see how and what steps goverment take to increase the job creation and whether goverment announces any funds in order to increase the employment. Experts has put more focus on rural employment for both men and women.

ENSURING BENEFITS OF GST REACH OUT TO CONSUMERS- This is the top most demand made by consumers amnd they even requested goverment to make the process of GST simpler as many people are still facing issue related to GST. According to the recent survey done it stated that only 30 % of consumers confirmed that they are geting the benefits of GST rate deductions in last 18 months. However, there are many enterprises which are flouting rules by not passing the full benefits of GST reduction to consumers.
"It is, therefore, requested that the Government should create further awareness related to GST rate reduction and holds brands accountable to ensure that GST rate reduction benefits reach the consumer by a reduction in MRPs," said Sachin Taparia, Chairman, LocalCircles.
 MAIN FOCUS SHOULD BE ON AIR POLLUTION REDUCTION- As we can all see the increment of pollution in the air in many parts of the country so people also want that goverment should take some steps and make some plan to tackle this problem.According to a LocalCircles survey, citizens feel the government should launch a "Clean Air Mission" to reduce air pollution levels across a majority of Indian cities over the next five years.
TAX SAVING PROVISIONS IN HEALTHCARE- People now want that the goverment should focus on health care and offer more concessions related to healthcare. Several industry bodies including FICCI have asked the government to increase the tax exemption on preventive health check-ups from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000.